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July 16, 2024

Susy Scantlebury

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Getting Storage Right In Small Spaces


If you live in a small space, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by clutter. But if you think outside the box (and your closet), there are ways to organize your home so everything has its place. Here are some tips for making the most of storage in a small space:

Think vertical

  • Think vertical.
  • Maximize the space you have available by thinking vertically. This can be done in a variety of ways: adding shelves and racks to walls, using a ladder as a storage space (or as an extra seat), or looking for shelving options that are adjustable. If you have a lot of stuff and not much room, look for ways to hang things from the ceiling instead–even if it means only storing small items like scarves or hats this way!

Don’t be afraid to mix and match

Mixing and matching furniture, accessories, and even paint colors is a great way to add color and texture in your home. Don’t be afraid to mix up your decor!

Collect like items together

The first step to getting storage right in small spaces is to collect like items together. This is a good rule for any space, but it’s especially true when you’re dealing with limited square footage.

For example, if you have several types of clothing that are similar in style and color (e.g., jeans and shirts) then it makes sense for them all go into one drawer or wardrobe section together rather than being separated by type and color.

It also makes sense for things that are frequently used near the front of the closet or cabinet so they’re easy to access when needed–and less frequently used items can be stored further back where they won’t get lost in an avalanche caused by opening up too many doors at once!

Use color to help you find what you’re looking for faster

Color-coding is a great way to organize items, especially if you have a lot of them. If you’re trying to keep your office tidy, for example, use different colors for each type of paperwork or file folder. You might also want to color code your supplies so they’re easy to find: pens in one drawer and pencils in another; sticky notes on one side of the desk and notebooks on another side.

If possible, choose colors that match or complement the room’s theme–this will help create cohesiveness in the space overall but still make it functional at the same time! Alternatively, try using contrasting colors so they stand out from their surroundings (or even each other). If there’s something specific about an object that makes sense as its own category (e.g., all black socks), then using this same shade can be helpful too; otherwise stick with neutral tones like white or gray because these blend well into any environment without drawing attention away from anything else going on inside that particular area.”

Small spaces can still be well organized

While you may not have the same amount of storage space as your fellow apartment dwellers, that doesn’t mean that you can’t be organized. In fact, small spaces lend themselves well to being organized because they force us to think outside the box when it comes to storing our stuff.

  • Use color: One way I like to organize my things is by color; this helps me find what I’m looking for quickly and efficiently. For example, all my blue items go in one drawer and all my red ones go into another–it’s simple but effective!
  • Think vertically: Instead of filling up horizontal surfaces with clutter (or leaving them bare), consider using vertical space instead! Shelves are great ways of maximizing space without taking up too much room on the floor or table tops around you; plus they’ll make any room feel bigger than before! * Collect like items together: Collecting similar items together makes it easier for people who visit our homes know where everything goes when they want something specific from us instead of having them dig through piles upon piles just trying figure out where exactly everything went last time we moved out…..


I hope this article has given you some ideas on how to organize your small space. Remember, it’s not about having everything perfectly organized all the time; it’s about making sure that when you need something, you can find it easily and quickly!